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5 reasons to use WordPress for your small business website

I am a big fans of using WordPress as the platform for building small business websites. I use WordPress for almost every website I build. And here are some reasons why I love using WordPress?

FIRST OFF, WHAT IS WORDPRESS?wordpress-business-websites-250x187

WordPress is an online publishing platform that makes it easy to keep text and images up to date on your website without having to know anything about programming. WordPress was originally design for blogging, but has grown into a powerful content management system used for websites big and small.

Why do I recommend WordPress for Small Business Websites?
1.?SEO ??WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box. There are a few tweaks to be made on our end, but there are many SEO benefits that WordPress provides.

2.?Content ??it is easy to update content on your website without knowing HTML.? Once WordPress is set up for you, you can easily create new pages or edit existing pages using the wordpress dashboard.

3. Extensions ??There is a thriving ecosystem of developers plug-ins ? imagine the ability to extend your website with polls, contact forms, ratings or hundreds of other cool features.

4.?Functionality ??Because WordPress delivers a website that is complete in terms of configuration and functionality, this allows time and money better spent on efforts to customize and tailor the website to meet your specifications.

5. Support ??If you do have problems, or want to add very custom features, I offer support and can help. Beyond me there are literally thousands of WordPress developers out there. And there are so many people writing about WordPress that help is only a Google search away.

So there you have it, 5 pretty solid reasons why WordPress is perfect for your small business website.



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